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Knock out heard the music and sighed as he knew the only bot that would be playing that music would be Trista. "Darling come might disturb the others" Knock out called from inside the infirmary" Knock out said.

Trista walked into the repair bay then nodded as she shut off her radio. "I like the song didn't even think it would bother other bots" She said.

Knock out shook his head. "It's not bothering other bots...its just they are not used to hearing the human music around base at that loud decible" Knock out explained.

"Awww so I can't blast the music?" Trista said jokingly

Knock out chuckled lightly. "Sorry to say but no you can't blast the music...though I can see if we can't sound proof your quarters so that you can" Knock out said."Really?" Tristas optics brightened. She was probably the only decepticon who had Ice blue optics, but she didn't care on that it made her different from the other cons.

"Really...speaking I overheard you talking to Lord Megatron. He's going to start your close quarters combat training?" Knock out asked.

"yep, I am really nervous" Trista said.

"Don't be you will do just fine. From what I can tell you are fast on you're peds and even quicker with you're vocalizer" Knock out said

Trista laughed. "Thats because I can talk but I can't usually back it up" She said.

Knock out nodded. "That won't happen trust me...if I know our Lord Megatron you will be groomed for leadership. If and when primus forbid some one takes him down you will be next to take his place. Though Starscream might have some thing to say about that." Knock out said.

Trista looked at Knock out. "I'm no leader...i'm weak when it comes to giving orders" Trista said.

Knock out shook his head. "From what we are not weak. Give it time you will be a great decepticon queen one day" Knock out said.

Trista blushed. "Queen really?" she asked.

"Don't little human females dream of being princesses one day?" Break down asked.

"yeah but not me, all I dreamed about was owning a fast car, I didn't really think I'd become one" Trista said.

Knock out smiled. "You see you did become a princess the princess of the decepticons" Knock out said.

Trista smiled as she thought about it. "No wonder Starscreams being a little nicer to me, he's scare of what dad might do to him. Good" she said.

Knock out and break down grinned. "Some ones getting the hang of being a decepticon. But don't forget who you're friends and family are. I hate to say this but the Autobots may try to take you from us by force" Knock out said.

Trista nodded. "Dad warned me about that...I'm not leaving the base until I'm battle ready and if they come here I've barricaded my room with traps I've made" she said.

Knock out thought for a moment. "I really hope they wont hurt any one thats not decepticon" He said.

Trista shook her head. "No it will recognize the decepticons signatures that I have programed which are you, Break down, Father, Soundwave and if the scouts come to get me they have been entered as well" She said.

"what of our dear air commander?" Knock out asked.

"oh he'll get a hurting if he tries to enter my quarters" Trista said.

Knock out straightened up. " what you say for abit" He said.

Trista's face plate went white as a ghost. "Oh scrap he's behind me isn't he?" She asked.

Break down nodded.

Trista turned on her heels to see a fuming starscream. "Did I upset you Starscream?" she asked.

Starscream growled lightly. "You are lucky I don't rip out you're spark right now...but Lord Megatron requests your presence in the throne room" He said.

Trista looked at Knock out then at Starscream. "Better be nice to me Starscream...if not you and I are going to go a few rounds. I May not know how to fight to well but I'm pretty decent with a blaster" she said as she walked past him.

"Femmes should be seen and not heard" Starscream said.

"Wow really want to go there. Cause I can weld your'e wing plates to the wall right now if you want me to" Trista said as her eyes went a dark purple almost red color.

Starscream grinned. "Thats what I like to see the decepticon coming to the surface not that human brat" Starscream said.

Trista blasted Starscreams boot before walking off. "Knock out better get a crowbar and dig starscreams boot out of the hole" She said.

Knock out walked out and looked at starscreams foot and laughed. "I told you, watch what you say around Trista she's a firecracker" Knock out said as he tried to get the air commanders boot out of the melted puddle it was in.

Trista walked into the throne room then bowed. "Father you wished to see me" Trista asked.

"Where is Starscream?" Megatron asekd.

"Probably cursing his way up the hall at the moment. I welded his foot to the floor for ticking me off" Trista said.

"What did he say to anger you?" Megatron asked.

"Femmes should be seen and not heard. Thats like calling me a child cause humans say that to children all the time. He's basically calling me a child that should be silent and listen." Trista said.

"He is right you should listen to you're elders but he shouldn't have said for you to be silent. You should have came to me for this matter not to have delt with it you're self. He is a better warrior then you Trista" Megatron said.

"I know father i'm sorry he just got me angry" Trista said.

Megatron nodded as he put his hand onto her shoulder plate lightly. "You will be a great warrior one day with training. Should I arrange that Starscream be you're sparring partner?" Megatron asked.

"That would be great daddy thank you" Trista said grinning widely until the wing commander walked into the room.

Megatron glared at his second in command. "I heard what happened Starscream. You and I will speak of this matter later but you are to assist Trista with her training. You will be her sparring partner. I would advice not to make her angry I know what she can do and what she has done" Megatron said.

Starscream looked at Megatron. "I am still looking for a liable Energon source Lord Megatron perhaps she could assist me since she knows this planet more then we do" Starscream asked.

Megatron hadn't thought of that as he looked towards Trista. " This is you're choice Trista, you can go with Starscream to do a sweep for energon" Megatron said.

Trista nodded. "That will be fine father but if we run into the autobots I will be coming back, I don't think I can fight them in my current state" Trista said.

Megatron nodded as he looked to Starscream. "Watch over her and If the Autobots should arrive retreat do not engage while Trista is with you. If you get separated contact base immediately am I understood Starscream"
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